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The 2013 Summer Writers Colony at The New School has now officially come to a close. While we're saddened by its end, now is a good time to look back at all our students have accomplished the past three weeks.

For the last three weeks, the students of the summer colony have worked among their peers, sharing their materials in workshop.  It was a positive and productive summer, with students taking on ambitious projects: fiction, poetry, memoir and more. Each year we are astounded by the breadth of the material our students produce. Our supplementary literature and creative writing forums encouraged students to expand formal structures and challenged their preconceptions.  Seminars and forums covered everything from Food Writing, a forum led by Francis Lam, to Publicity, led by Lauren Cerand.  The forum "Bad Writing," led by by poet Jenny Zhang, author of Dear Jenny, We Are All Find, instructed "you and your writing sensibilities to act out, to downright misbehave" and to "begin the gargantuan task of learning how to free our writing from the tyranny of the good."  Ru Freeman, author most recently of On Sal Mal Lane, led her seminar "Let’s Not Mention the Bomb in the Room: Political Writing," which gave our students the tools to "write about events that take place during times of political conflict without preaching or burying [the] story in the details."

We'd like to thank our supernaturally talented workshop instructors, Madge McKeithen, Kathleen Ossip, and Sharon Mesmer for their hard work and dedication to their students' progress. Many thanks also to the numerous instructors who taught additional literary forums throughout the Summer Writers Colony. And, of course, thank you to our students who never failed to bring their enthusiasm and talent to our classes and events.

Below are a few pictures from over the past three weeks. Students: if you'd like to add your own feel free to email us at

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