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Five Questions with Jeff Vasishta


Jeff Vasishta is a writer, music publisher and journalist who has interviewed many musicians including Prince, Beyonce, Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock. He is also an alumni of New School’s Riggio Honors program and recently taught the workshop Art of the Interview for New School’s Summer Writers Colony. You can follow Jeff on Twitter and read his latest book reviews here.

1) Who is your favorite villain, and who is your favorite protagonist in literature?

That’s a really hard one. Henry Drax from Ian McGuire’s “The North Water” is as bad as they come but word “favorite” wouldn’t apply to him. He’s plain evil. I guess Dickens’ Uriah Heep is up there because of the way he’s described and his obsequiousness make him great villain. 

Protagonists? I always loved Cesar from Oscar Hijuelos’ “Mambo King’s Play Songs Of Love.”

2) When did you know you were a writer?

When I got my first magazine feature published when I was 18. I thought, “this is the life for me!”

3) What are you currently working on?

A novel, currently entitled “Limestone” (it may change) centered around Brooklyn gentrification and lot of freelance assignments - book reviews and real estate blogs.

4) How has your writing process changed over the years?

It’s generally been the same - wake up at the crack of dawn when it’s still dark out and let whatever’s been percolating in my head come out.

5) Describe your writing style in one sentence.

Transatlantic, multi-cultural with (hopefully) soul.

Five Questions, by Nicole L. Drayton. Nicole is a writer, screenwriter and independent filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from The New School, and currently works for the university in the MFA Creative Writing office.  

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