Creative Writing at The New School

Emerging writers are always worrying about two things: finishing that book, and finding an agent. For MFA students at the School of Writing, many of whom are in their final weeks of writing their thesis, An Evening with Agents was a fantastic opportunity to meet agents, schmooze with them, and practice their book pitches (some of which were already polished in a two-day seminar led by our own John Reed). Meeting an agent can be a daunting prospect, but literary agents William Clark, Adriana Dominguez, Ryan Harbage, Erin Hosier, Sam Hiyate, Nicole James and Lisa Vanterpool provided catalyzing instruction by speaking about their experiences in the boom/bust publishing industry, offering valuable tips on query letters and getting published, and most of all motivating each student to get to that last period in their manuscript.  We look forward to seeing Nicole James again this Saturday; she and fellow literary agent Alexis Hurley will be leading agent seminars for our MFA Weekend Workshops.  

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