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Keisha Bush, Continuing Education and current student in The New School MFA in Fiction, recently caught up with former classmate Bill Griffeth, Continuing Education, about his new book, Loose Nukes, which is available as an e-book or a p-book.


UnknownBill Griffeth was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and educated at the Universities of North Carolina and Chicago. A mathematician by training, Dr. Griffeth taught mathematics and management science at DePaul University and Georgia Tech. In 1982 he left academia for "the real world," working in telecommunication systems marketing in the Bell System and its descendants. In 1987 he moved to New Jersey, where he developed system and application software for Bell Labs, UNIX System Labs, Novell, Volera, Hewlett-Packard, Citigroup, CNET, and CBS Interactive. After Bill retired from software development in 2010, he focused on his creative writing. Since he had long been interested in such nuclear policy issues as non-proliferation, strategic arms reduction, and nuclear test bans, even having led his local chapter of Peace Action, he decided that his first novel, Loose Nukes, would dramatize the need to abolish nuclear weapons altogether. Bill has taken several courses in The Writing Program at The New School. His teachers have included Sidney Offit, John Reed, and Katia Lief. Bill credits them and their students with helping him become a better writer. He has also participated in a bi-weekly Skype conference call of mostly science fiction writers whose comments greatly influenced the shape of Loose Nukes.

kbush-1Keisha Bush is a current MFA student, with a concentration in Fiction, at The New School.



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