Creative Writing at The New School

On Sunday, September 22, Borough Plaza in Downtown Brooklyn transformed from public square into a vibrant literary community with the arrival of the Brooklyn Book Festival. The annual event brought together authors, readers, and publishers both large and small in a gathering featuring panel discussions, readings, and a vendor marketplace.

As part of the Writing Program’s commitment to being a part of the city’s larger writing community, The New School’s MFA and undergraduate programs made an appearance as one of the many institutions and publications represented. Showcasing the most recent issues of both Lit and 12th Street, student (both former and current) and staff representatives greeted the public and spread the word about both programs’ curriculum and the work being published in both journals.

Here we have Chris Pugh, Michelle Sierra Laffitte, Anita Christian, Bean Haskell, Lori Turner, and Nathalie Perozo:

Guest post (and photos) by Ashawnta Jackson, who is a Riggio student, Managing Editor of 12th Street, and a fiction writer.

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