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dc44d917016b9a32d6e8b001cd072812_400x400Creative Writing faculty member Candy Schulman has been teaching nonfiction and memoir writing at The New School for more than 25 years. Last spring, Schulman served as a mentor for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Writer to Writer mentorship program, where we she worked with Caryn Mohr, the social media editor for the popular website Literary Mama. Mohr interviewed Schulman for Literary Mama about the craft of writing, the art of the memoir, and writing about mother-daughter relationships.

CM: What advice do you have to emerging creative nonfiction writers?

CS: Write. Revise. Write. Revise. Every day. Even on vacation. My writing mentor used to loudly proclaim, "Produce manuscript!" Inspiration doesn't come from a magical place. Writing discipline generates inspiration and ideas, not the other way around. Show your work to a mentor, either privately or in a workshop. Be open to criticism. Research the markets—there are more opportunities for essay writers now than ever.

Read the full interview at Literary Mama.

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