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To Keep Love Blurry by New School Faculty Member Craig Morgan TeicherNew School faculty member, Craig Morgan Teicher, has published his third book with BOA Editions: To Keep Love Blurry.  The collection deftly brings lyrical innovation and refreshing formalism together—with devastating results.

“The brilliance of these poems is how they renovate not only poetry but language, without pretense, without the declaration of war, without summoning the ghost of Shakespeare in any but the most charming ways. I could live in the mind of these poems and never want to leave.” — D.A. Powell

“With these refreshingly human, formal, playful, and heart-wrenching poems, Teicher not only proves that form may be adapted to fit a contemporary idiom, but that he’s built his own ‘Life Studies’ within the confessional tradition, one which pushes against his predecessors’ self-aware and often selfish use of confession, successfully re-enervating the sense of a real life behind the voice.” — The Rumpus

"[...]open[s] a world of poems that ask obsessive questions of choice and consequence. These are poems of an interior that reimagines the past, pays tribute to predecessors, and above all, values frankness above artifice…The poems are severe in their honesty, which makes them riveting.”  — A Coldfront Top 10 Poetry Books of 2012


Craig Morgan Teicher is the author of Brenda Is in the Room and Other Poems, selected by Paul Hoover for the 2007 Colorado Prize for Poetry, and Cradle Book, named a Notable Book of 2010 by the Story Prize committee. His poems have appeared in the Best American Poetry, The New Yorker, The Nation, The Paris Review and many other publications. He is a faculty member of the New School MFA program at the School of Writing.


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