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Last week our own indefatigable Ian Brown (MFA class of 2013) sat down with David Weisberg (MFA class of 2014) to chat about the literary magazine he co-founded, DEATH HUMS.   

Here's a brief excerpt from their talk, or you can jump over to youtube for the full interview, and a sneak peek at the astonishingly talented poets and artists who will appear in the final print issue. Be sure to preorder DEATH HUMS—or prepare to be doomed to irrelevance for all time.

David: I just wanted to say that I’m very excited about the second issue. Everyone should preorder it. And the wonderful thing that we do that separates us from other publications is that you choose how much you pay. It’s an honor system.

Ian: It’s like a suggested donation?

David: No, no no. If you’re employed you pay $18 (plus s/h) and if you’re unemployed or a student…

Ian: It’s $10 I think.

David: It’s $10. So if you’re a generous unemployed student you can pay $18 if you want to. […] We have a great staff that has put together a great magazine and we’re excited about the things that are happening.


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The DEATH HUMS reading series was founded by Amy Silbergeld in early 2011. DEATH HUMS began as part of The QAS, an arts showcase at Webster Hall in the East Village. DEATH HUMS Magazine was co-founded by Amy Silbergeld and David Weisberg in 2011. The DEATH HUMS reading series is now a bi-costal event that takes place in various venues. In addition to readings, they have featured music and visual art at their events. Their staff is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, with remote editors in Seattle and Washington, D.C.. You can follow them on Twitter @DeathHums and like them on Facebook for updates about their upcoming issues and readings.

David Weisberg is a Boston native and a current MFA candidate in poetry at The New School. He is the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize. He has a background in real estate management, development, investment, and brokerage, and is co-owner of Tacoma Enterprises LLC. He lives in Brooklyn with his dog, Laura. You can follow him on twitter @weis_berg.


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