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"Ghost Dances" by Josh Garret Davis

Author and performer Josh Garrett-Davis visited The New School to discuss his new book Ghost Dances. He not only read from the book, but played acoustic guitar to accompany the reading, transporting listeners from The New School in New York City to "the haunted landscape of the plains."  Thanks to our own faculty moderator John Reed for talking to him!

A meditation on home and homelessness, Ghost Dances combines memoir, history, and vision into an evocative chronicle in the ocean of grass where Josh Garrett-Davis came of age amid loss, love, and the rituals of hope. A unique and moving book. — Brenda Wineapple

Ghost Dances is beautifully open-spirited. Its ambition never steps on its sense of humor. Garrett-Davis reads his own life as an extension of a landscape that both nurtured and tried to stunt it. What I liked best was how he let the edges mingle: you weren't always sure if the book was about him or about the Plains, and neither was he. Here is a writer whose mind can intrigue us, and a first book that makes it fun to imagine what he might do.  — John Jeremiah Sullivan

Josh Garrett-Davis has written songs since he was eight or nine, and played bass guitar in unknown rock and roll bands since he was fourteen. His debut book Ghost Dances: Proving Up on the Great Plains was published in 2012. He is currently attending graduate school at Princeton, where he is studying American history.


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