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Having Been an Accomplice by New School Faculty Member and Alum, Laura CronkWe're delighted to report that School of Writing Associate Director and MFA alum Laura Cronk has been awarded the 2011 Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize for her recently released first collection of poems, Having Been an Accomplice (Persea Books).

Interlacing textures of love and intimacy with the haunting suspicion that two people will always be at arms-length, Cronk's collection marks the start of a fruitful and influential career.

"Cronk manages to sweat out the very few not-so-magical moments with remarkable poise and the sensuality that every thoughtful reader of poetry hopes to receive by surprise in one metaphor or another. With her distinctive voice, Cronk stands on her own alongside the great American poets."  — Library Journal, Annalisa Pesek

"Having Been an Accomplice slices and dices the world in ways that leave readers feeling off-kilter and most definitely changed. Laura Cronk adds a stunning voice to the world’s poetry stage."  — Foreword Review, Jennifer Fandel


Laura Cronk is the Associate Director of the Writing Program at The New School where she coordinates the Riggio Honors Program. Her work has appeared in the Best American Poetry Series and in many journals such as Barrow Street, Ecotone, RealPoetik, and WSQ. Cronk is also the poetry editor for The Inquisitive Eater.


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