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New School MFA alum Lisa Marie Basile was recently interviewed by VIDA about the press she founded, Patasola Press.

VIDA recently released "The Count" for 2012 where the organization highlights the pervasive and alarming disparity between women and men being published and reviewed by major journals and publications.

On Patasola Press and its philosophy, Lisa Marie Basile wrote:

Patasola Press’ primary goal is, simply, to publish stunning and courageous work by established and emerging authors. We want work that takes risks and overwhelms the reader.  We are not interested in following trends or names. As a matter of fact, it sometimes seems that many presses are interested in publishing mediocre works by established authors, or “In” names. I’m less interested in the social scenes of writing. Of course, not every press does this, but it’s something that strikes me as a reality. And then, more often than not, many of those that are published aren’t female.

Patasola Press’ secondary goal is to represent the underrepresented, with a special — though not exclusive — focus on promoting female voices on culture and identity. We publish male writers, as well, of course. We are interested in translations (in several senses, both literal and open-ended—think Christian Hawkey’s Ventrakl), work about identity and culture and, definitely work by female authors and about the female condition, sexuality and gender. We also believe it is essential to promote work about location. We’re interested in writing what makes us who we are, and we like that work to be daring and bloody and well crafted. I try not to let who I am as a person inform the work I choose; I try to learn from the work we publish.

The strength and uniqueness of a work determines whether or not we choose it for publication, but we certainly are drawn toward writing that explores female identity and sexuality in new ways. We’re interested too, in culture and ethnicity, or work that explores “Who am I?” in beautiful, abstract and conceptual ways.


Read more of the interview at VIDA.

Lisa Marie Basile is a Pushcart-nominated poet and freelance writer. She's a graduate of The New School’s MFA program in Writing. She is the author of Andalucia (Brothel Books) and Triste (Dancing Girl Press). Her chapbook, war/lock, is forthcoming from Hyacinth Girl Press in 2014. She is the founding editor of Patasola Press, a NY-based micropress that focuses on emerging, established and female writers. She is an assistant editor for Fifth Wednesday Journal. Lisa has taught poetics and culture at The Brooklyn Brainery and is a managing producer of the Poetry Society of New York.

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