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Thanks to the cooperation of the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) and The School of Writing at The New School, as well as the tireless efforts of our students and faculty, we are able to provide interviews with each of the NBCC Awards Finalists for the publishing year 2014.

Meredith Russo, on behalf of the The School of Writing at The New School and the NBCC, interviewed Alexandra Schwartz about her work as a critic.

alexandra(1)Alexandra Schwartz is an editor at the New Yorker and a regular contributor to that magazine’s website. She also writes for the Nation, where she got her start publishing literary criticism, and her reviews and essays have appeared in the New York Times and the New Republic. She is a former resident of France, where she lived in Paris and in the town of Uzès, and of the offices of the New York Review of Books, where she served as a member of the editorial staff. She is currently at work on a novel.




meredithMeredith Russo is an MFA ('15) student in fiction at The New School. She is currently working on her first novel.

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