Creative Writing at The New School

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Anna Fridlis, MFA '14 and Riggio T.A., at The New School's Writing Program Book Party, Publishing Year 2013. Photo by John Reed. Part of Pictograph: Portraits of The School of Writing at The New School.


We begin on the frigid shores of Sakhalin Island on the stoop of a tiny wood plank house surrounded by white below and domed by grey water merging with grey sky, a snow globe with a bundled child in the center. The child's parents are inside—the door to the house is ajar and warm air billows out onto the stoop as though the house is breathing. The child shimmers in its breath. This is the world, the thought escapes as vapor through the scarf double-wound across her mouth (there lives the mildew smell of seawater seeping through wool), Water without end.


From her nonfiction thesis The Half Light (tentative title), 2014.

About The Author


Pictograph, portraits of Writing at The New School, is a varied media project curated by The New School faculty member John Reed, and Riggio Honors student Bean Haskell.