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Ricky Tucker at the October 2013 Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy student reading. Part of Pictograph: Portraits of The School of Writing at The New School. Photo by John Reed.

The terrain these courses covered was staggering, but what struck me most were the intersections in theory between these two classes—how Folk and Vogue both came out of disenfranchised and marginalized groups, how the famine and high infant mortality of the Dust Bowl of the ’30s matched the AIDS crisis that hit New York in the ’80s, how art forms spring up out of ashes.

From "He Saw Me," originally published on Writing & Democracy: A Digital Documentary.

Ricky Tucker and Colin Bedell will be co-teaching the workshop Showstopper: Elements of Runway and Vogue at The New School this Wednesday, November 20th. Click here for more information.

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Pictograph, portraits of Writing at The New School, is a varied media project curated by The New School faculty member John Reed, and Riggio Honors student Bean Haskell.