Creative Writing at The New School

September 2013: Thomas Fucaloro, MFA 2014 Candidate in Poetry, at the launch of Free Verse.
Part of Pictograph: Portraits of The School of Writing at The New School. Photo by Bean Haskell.

When in autumn’s autumned August you find the beginnings
of a September wiping the dried leaves from its eyes
a brown, red, orange hue colors the day
with warmth…
If you feel something, go find a cop or an MTA employee or a person of authority
If you feel something, say something.

Excerpted from Ohhhhhhhhhh, originally published on (2013)

About The Author


Pictograph, portraits of Writing at The New School, is a varied media project curated by The New School faculty member John Reed, and Riggio Honors student Bean Haskell.