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Poet, dramatist, translator, Ariana Reines treated the audience to a new material, rare material and a selection from her latest book, Mercury. The forum was moderated by Tom Healy.

ariana reines mercuryThe visceral nature of Reines' poems spurred the audience to ask which of the five senses she could do without. “Sometimes I have olfactory hallucinations. Smell is really important to me. I often find myself asking these questions, would I rather be blind or deaf? But for now, smell seems to act as my muse.”


Ariana Reines

Ariana Reines is the author of The CowCoeur de Lion, and Mercury. Her twice Obie-winning play Telephone was commissioned and produced by The Foundry Theatre, and presented at The Cherry Lane Theatre in February 2009. In that same year, she became the youngest-ever Roberta C. Holloway Lecturer in Poetry at UC Berkeley.

Ariana is the translator of The Little Black Book of Grisélidis Réal: Days and Nights of an Anarchist Whore by Jean-Luc Hennig, for Semiotext(e), and My Heart Laid Bare by Charles Baudelaire, for Mal-O-Mar.  A translation of Tiqqun’s Théorie de la Jeune Fille is forthcoming from Semiotext(e).


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