All Back FullAll Back Full by Robert Lopez, graduate, MFA in Creative Writing Program at The New School.

Dzanc Books, 2017

From the publisherAll Back Full, the third novel from acclaimed author Robert Lopez, centers around one day in the lives of three characters: a husband and wife, and the man’s friend, who has been invited for dinner.  Around the fixture of the kitchen table, the characters move in and out, discussing the news, nudists, submarines, the state of public transportation, seagulls, sexual perversion, and major league baseball.  More important is what they will not discuss: lies, infidelity, that the man’s father has cancer and that this marriage is frayed at every seam.  Ultimately, the friend’s presence upsets the fragile equilibrium and pushes the relationship to a breaking point, as the tensions between all three characters steadily unravel.

Told in a unique three-act structure, Robert Lopez delivers a novel of spare prose and surprising depth, delving into the origins of everything from whiskey to waltz.