Dust, Short Stories by Amy Dupcak, graduate, MFA in Creative Writing program at The New School.

From the publisher: DustA daring debut collection, Dust dives headfirst into the complicated waters of youth. Exploring themes of alienation, longing, self-destruction and ultimately self-awareness, the characters in Dust attempt to find meaning and form connections via sex, art, drugs, bathtubs, apple seeds, a cardboard dreamachine, and an aloe vera plant.  

In “Ten Days,” a pothead bike messenger squats in the hip downtown apartment of a girl he doesn’t know, which begins a strange affair with her diary. During “The Test,” a backpacker couple visits The Church of Scientology as a rainy day experiment, which ends up testing more than they’d anticipated. 

“May Day” takes place in a Staten Island backyard, where eccentric outcasts perform an ancient ceremony. The Batman-loving tween of “Anything to Save Her” attempts to rescue his sister from a ‘dangerous’ boyfriend, while the shy child of “In Limbo” is kidnapped by an artistic loner.  

Littered with songs, secrets, subculture, and a touch of the surreal, the fourteen stories in Dust shed light on the harsh realities of growing up and making decisions in our modern world.