FrascaVia Incanto by Marisa Frasca, graduate, the Riggio: Writing & Democracy program at The New School.

Bordighera Press, 2014

Barnes and Noble:

"In poems of remarkable fortitude and clarity, Marisa Frasca, a self-described "hyphenated woman," navigates the passages, geographical and psychological, that allow her uneasy flow between Sicily and America, among all 'our known / and unknown mothers.' This journey in which the Atlantic transforms into 'the old dark and narrow hallway of the immigrant' is always less familiar than we might anticipate as these poems conflate past and present, 'the displaced, the incomplete, / the made new / superimposed and piled together in chorus.' Like Nino Rota, Frasca conveys depths of sorrow and wonder in her rich, musical phrasings. The poems of VIA INCANTO are operatic with breath and sex and thirst and love."—Michael Waters