Cohen PlaysWhat I Thought I Knew and Other Plays by Alice Eve Cohen, graduate, MFA in Creative Writing program; faculty, Creative Writing at The New School.

No Passport Press, 2016

From the publisher: Here are four brave, haunting, and heart-breakingly funny solo plays by writer and performer Alice Eve Cohen. What I Thought I Knew is adapted from Cohen's award-winning memoir about her wildly unexpected pregnancy and the terrifying odyssey that ensued. In Thin Walls, twelve disparate lives collide inside a century-old residential hotel, in a city in upheaval. The Play That Knows What You Want takes the audience on an intimate journey entwining the myth of Odysseus with our contemporary desires and fears. In Jessica'S Cervix, Jessica floats out of her body to the ceiling and performs a darkly comic monologue, while her cervix is filmed for medical research. Cohen writes with humor, guts and honesty, finding the humanity in even the darkest roles. These gripping one-person plays, filled with multiple vibrant characters, have been presented at theaters and colleges around the country. They offer a thrilling challenge for any actor or director.