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MatisRiggio: Writing & Democracy student Aspen Matis's debut memoir, Girl in the Woods, published this month by William Morrow, is already garnering praise by the likes of Lena Dunham, Ben Folds, and Greil Marcus. To get the scoop on how Matis conceived of the arch of the memoir, and how the book came to be, Riggio alum Jeff Vasishta spoke with Matis for Interview magazine.

JEFF VASISHTA: This memoir is brutally honest, both in detailing your rape and your relationship with your parents. How hard was it writing it knowing that everyone would be privy to the most intimate details about your life?

ASPEN MATIS: It's an awful puzzle to write a memoir. You have to show the people you love, and how they shaped you, but you don't want to hurt them.

To read the full interview, visit Interview Magazine.

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