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Some MFA programs don't focus on contemporary publishing, while others do.  In its MFA survey 2014, Publisher's Weekly calls out the extroverts, like The New School ...

Exposure to agents and editors is often one of an M.F.A. program’s major selling points. The New School, UC-Irvine, Columbia College, Michigan, and Houston all make no secret of their efforts to introduce students to industry insiders. Sonja Condit first made contact with her agent, Jenny Bent, when Bent was visiting Converse College’s M.F.A. low-residency program while Condit was a student there. Starter Home, Condit’s debut, was published by Morrow in December 2013.  […]  Sarabande Books, a 20-year-old indie, just released Praying Drunk, the second collection of stories by Kyle Minor, a graduate of the M.F.A. programs at Ohio State and Iowa. Many poets have found their publishing home at Sarabande, too, including Kathleen Ossip (New School ’00), Rick Bursky (Warren Wilson), and the genre-defying Ander Monson (Alabama).

Scroll down, or you can check out the full issue, which praises The New School's MFA program in four separate sections: Writing for Children; Agents and Editors Talk M.F.A. Programs; From Workshop Table to Editor’s Desk—M.F.A.s Train Editors; What’s the Big Deal?


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