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Writing spaces are as varied as the individuals who occupy them. The range of “space” we enter for our writing practice is a wide, wild field from tidy to random, from Maya Angelou in a sparse hotel room to Ben Franklin in a bathtub, from Marcel Proust in bed to Jane Austen at the kitchen table to you: what does your writing space look like? medina is a third year dual track MFA student in Writing For Children and Young Adults and Nonfiction. They dream of a more inclusive world.

Where do you write?

Where Intention lives.

Stand, sit or other?

Does the wind sit or stand? 

What is your writing practice?

It's ever-changing. It's always in motion and always evolving. I nurture its growth. I speak my words into existence. I share meals with my characters. They join me in the park. I honor them. Have conversations with them. We play music together. Admire the night sky together. Sit in silence together. I am as gentle as I am with myself as I am with the people and communities I write about.

What are your favorite procrastinations?

I’m not someone who procrastinates. I’m someone who processes in the time that it is healthy for me.

We live in interesting times, which book/author keeps you sane/grounded?

We absolutely do live in challenging times. I admire many authors, educators, scholars, activists and those working towards creating a more just and equitable world!

What I love to read are words from high school students I’m mentoring. What reminds me of the light and goodness in the world is interacting with educators who are committed to create safer and more inclusive environments for young learners. Being part of this and witnessing this brings me peace and makes me very happy to be alive.

What is your new skill learned during the shutdowns of the Pandemic?

I’m someone who is interested in deepening myself. Deepening my heart. 

What is your dream writing space?

Writing is a source of joy for me because I believe that as writers we have the social responsibility to write words that do not harm any person or community. How can I not feel joyful when I know that my words will interact with someone else and they could be impacted by them? 

In order for me to take care of my own well-being and produce any type of work I must be in a space that is warm, accepting and non judgemental. That's an inward space. That's an inward experience. Expressing our words outwardly is an act of rebellion, an act that has the power to change the world!

This writing space is part of my mind, my emotions, the stories I inherit and carry with me. They're part of our communities. They're part of our world.

I dream of being part of worlds and activating and creating new worlds that are insistent on including all people who live on a continuum of all identities. Those honoring all people with all mental health illnesses. Those committed to advocating for and caring for all people with all disabilities.

You are your writing space.

medina (they/them) is a mixed Honduran nonbinary demisexual lesbian. They’re a dual MFA creative writing candidate with concentrations in Writing for Children and Young Adults and Nonfiction. They’re an Impact Entrepreneur Fellow, social impact entrepreneur and youth advocate. They’ve written for Self Magazine, HelloGiggles, Bustle, Them., and more. They're represented by Verve Talent LA and Avalon. Their debut queer contemporary middle-grade book, THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU THE MOST, comes out in the Spring of 2022.

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